Welcome to England

Hi mom! I’M IN ENGLAND!!!

Oh man! The flights were long and rough, but luckily, I also had an Elder to talk to for every flight, so it wasn’t horrible! The worst flight was the one from New York to Manchester because we boarded (Elder Hylander and I) and we got our seats next to each other. We sat there waiting for a while and we were in the plane waiting for two and a half hours because a huge storm came with rain and lightning and it was actually pretty freaky! They had to move our plane to a different area at JFK. Elder Hylander and I were so tired and wanted to fall asleep, but we didn’t want to in case the flight got canceled or anything else happened. But we were also starving and they wouldn’t serve food until we were in the air, so we were a hot mess. But we get along super well, so we had fun. Then a big bus took us to the MTC and it wasn’t too weird driving on the left side of the road, but the bus door was on the other side so that was a little strange…

Anyway, the England MTC is so cute and quaint! And in the past three minutes I’ve been writing this email the rain has come and go like 5 times, so that’s really exciting! And it turns out my companion is SISTER SCHLUTSMEYER!!! The girl from Yuba city! And it is actually quite lucky that we got to be companions! So, we are about to go unpack and then go play volleyball and stay active, so we don’t get too tired. They don’t have us do any lessons or start until tomorrow so today is just a relaxing day which is SO NICE!

Food is good, staff is awesome, there will be about 50 of us here in the MTC but a ton of people got stuck in the states so only about half of us made it here so far! Hoping to see the others within the next day or so.

My P-day is on Tuesdays.


Side note, first time I put on my tag, I dropped my other one… good clutsy Sister Clark moment 😐


Oh, and I get a tablet while I’m here at the MTC, but I don’t know all the rules about that and stuff, so I’ll let you know more next time…


Sister Clark


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