I LOVE MY LIIIIIFFFEEEE!!!!! P.S. There’s a lot of photos.

There is no sweeter work than serving the Lord.
Tuesday the 14:
We went to the temple, SO NICE!!! It was gorgeous inside! We also went to the town Chorley to do some shopping and hahaha I’ve never really been glared at before, but we got a lot of dirty looks there. I also found a World War II museum, so I got a picture in front of it, and I really want to go through it someday.
The Preston Temple and the beautiful fields of England with my name tag
Wednesday the 15th:
We had a wonderful devotional this night about the 4 loves of a mission:
1. Love your Companion 2. Love the people 3. Love your Mission President 4. Love the Lord! I think that is the best advice ever!
Also, funny moment… During futball, Elder Pywell and Elder Skalka collided and it turns out there was a lot blood because Elder Pywell bit Elder Skalka in the face on accident hahaha and then Sister Schlutsmeyer hit her toe really bad and I had to carry her back to the MTC because no elders could… ahhhh futball at the MTC is really intense!
A beautiful day in Preston and a small game of futball.
Thursday the 16th:
Pretty ordinary day, but I think we really struggled this week with teaching and trying to fit everything into a short lesson and then we were really stressing about the time so it was harder to have the spirit… Gah struggles. But we are really blessed here and our teachers are very kind to us.
Friday the 17th:
We visited Church Historical sites, so a lot of the pictures I have are from that! It was the first time we actually got to go around England and see the beautiful sites. I honestly was filled with so much joy from the beauty of the lands here. It takes my breath away to see rolling hills of green and old historical houses.
The very place where Heber C Kimball would preach to people in the square.
Sis. Schlustmeyer and I in front of a cool church.
Sis. Schlustmeyer and I at the river where the first baptism in England was.
President Hinckley’s house when he served his mission in England.
Saturday the 18th:
One of my favorite Elders here (Elder Baum) and I started having a scripture war where we would leave scriptures for each other and have a conversation just through Scriptures. Super fun! He is a country boy from Utah and, honest to goodness, is the funniest person ever. He has a country accent and just says “Have y’all heard the good word about the good book?” to everyone, and it is the best!
Sunday the 19th:
Sundays are fantastic here! We all have to prepare a talk for Sacrament meeting and then they pick who gives their talk and I was so pumped to give my talk on the Book of Mormon, but then I wasn’t chosen, so pft whatever, but my companion did speak so that was awesome. I think I’ll have to speak next week on Eternal Marriage and Families hahahaha, soooo we will see how that goes! We had a wonderful district meeting at the temple this night. We felt like a family and we really opened up and felt the spirit so strong. We then sang I love to see the temple together while we were on the steps of the temple and I haven’t sang it in forever so the words really hit me that time. “I love to see the temple. I’ll go inside someday to covenant with my father, I’ll promise to obey.” Ah I just love my district and the temple and this church. I know it’s true and I know the sacrifice of 18 months of my life is completely worth it. I would give up so much more to serve a mission.
Monday the 20th:
We went to Manchester!!! It was such a great experience! We met with some super nice people and gave away a Book of Mormon. It honestly is so hard to go out and try to share your testimony with people because it means so much to you and often people will reject it or laugh at it. But when somebody listens and accepts it, it is the greatest joy! I feel like the girl I taught has a piece of my soul now because I taught her with all my soul and told her why I am so happy and that she could be happy and find purpose in her life as well. We also met this super sweet old couple that walked us back to the square where we were supposed to meet and it made me feel like it was my grandpa walking me to the bus for school or something. So precious! I also had a really good experience this night with disappointment. I know I will experience it more and it is probably going to be my hardest struggle while serving a mission. I get really sad and disappointed when someone doesn’t accept the gospel, but it just isn’t their time and I need to learn to cope and grow from it.
Finding people in Manchester (most gorgeous city ever).
I love you ALLLLL!!! Have a great week!!!!!! Next time I email you, I’LL BE IN SCOTLAND!!!!! WAHOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!
Words I learned:
grilled cheese = Cheese toastie
England = Land of Lads
Oh and because of all the foreign people here, I’m learning how to say, “I love you” in like 10 different languages! SO COOL!!!
A church that we sang in as missionaries SO COOL!
The view outside the church.
Elder Evensen (Norwegian) and Elder Evans (President Uchtdorfs grandson)
Elder Tomlinson and Richardson (from my district)
Elder Hardman and McKonkie
Elder Kreoz (Red head German with camera) Elder Exposito (spain) Elder Chuman (brazil in leather jacket) Elder Laidlaw (american)
Elders Hylander (my plane buddy), Koch (Denmark), Jensen (utah), and Janoshek (Czech Republic) MY FAVORITES ALL IN ONE PICTURE
All the sisters except sis. Schlutsmeyer
Everyone going to Scotland and Ireland at the MTC
So many cool/scary bridges
Sister Schlutsmeyer and I talking a jog by a canal
Pretty houses along the canal



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