Cheers England. Scotland, Here I Come!

Surprise! My MTC President is letting us email today (Sunday) because Tuesday morning at 4:30am we are heading to Scotland, so we would not have time to email then!



Holy cow…. time really flies, and it really is sad that we will all have to leave each other. I’ve met so many great people here at the MTC and I know everyone’s name. We really have become a family. And even though it is sad that we will leave each other and spread all over the UK and Europe and some even the United States, we are all so excited to go and meet the people and serve in our mission areas. These people here have touched my heart in ways I never expected. They have taught me so much and really showed that it doesn’t matter where you are from, or the language you speak, God loves each and every one of us and this gospel is for everyone. We all share a love for the gospel and that is all we need. I have a picture of everyone at the MTC and I have a wonderful memory with each of them! I wish I could go through with you and share them all, maybe someday!


Just when we think we can’t learn anymore, BOOM! Our teacher gives such a wonderful insight and totally changes everything! It’s amazing! Teaching people about the gospel has really taught me that it’s not up to me to teach them or show how much I know, but to show my love and God’s love for them. I teach them because I care about them, and I want them to be happy. I really want them to experience the joy and comfort that comes with the gospel. So, I may have improved on my teaching a lot this week, but I know I will never stop learning and that no one will. CONTINUE TO STUDY AND LEARN!!! It’s absolutely brilliant, I promise!


SO! There is this hill that overlooks all of Chorley and some elders ran to it one day and said it was amazing! So naturally, if it’s a good view, I’m gonna go see it! They said it was tough and would be about 8 miles. Silly me, I thought, guys…. I’ve done a half marathon. I’ll be fine! So, sister swallow and I went on the craziest adventure with elder Fuglestahler (Swiss), elder Pywell (British), elder Parkin (Utah), and elder Hylander (Kentucky). You guys. It. Was. CRAZY! They have public footpaths that go through farms and stuff so we were running in people’s property (legally of course), petting horses along the way, finding cute cottages left and right and we literally did not stop running for 2 hours! It was so hard! I don’t know how Sister Swallow and I were able to stay with those boys! But we did and the view at the top was amazing! It was raining so you couldn’t see too far, but everything was so alive and green! When we ran down the hill, it was so steep and slippery that I just took of my shoes and basically slid down the entire thing! It also was raining so hard as we ran home, that a pathway had flooded and so Sister Swallow and I laid in it. Little did we know the elders would sneak attack and drench us. Someone got a picture of it right before they did. Funny. Hahaha but it made me so grateful for the freedom they gave us at the MTC to go run around and experience the people here and beautiful countryside.




Ohhhh my goodness I love my district so much and my district is just the group of classmates I am with. We are the Jacob district or Jacob class, essentially. I can’t remember if I’ve already talked about them, but if I have, you’ll just have to deal with it up because I love talking about them. My favorite times with them are our meetings we have on Sunday nights or after church. Today was probably the best experience I have ever had with them. My District Leader’s mother passed away a little bit ago and he bore such a strong testimony about his mother and how he knows families can be together forever and that he knows he will see his mother again and be able to live with her. He said he could feel her with him as he was out here serving his mission. So, of course, waterworks from everyone. We all bore our testimonies and the spirit was so strong and we really got to see how we all progressed because of each other and how we have helped each other so much. Just such a sweet blessing to know that. I’m so proud of each of them and I love them as much as if they were my own brothers. They are all going to Leeds England, so my companion and I will have to say goodbye to them Tuesday morning. Not looking forward to that.


hahahahha ah yes, of course, I had to give a talk in sacrament meeting about eternal marriage and families, and yes, of course, it was supposed to be 5 minutes and I doubled it. My bad. But it went really well! I felt the spirit a ton and I was really happy to share my testimony with so many people I loved.


I am SO happy. Never have I felt such a strong desire to share the gospel. I know that I am his servant and disciple. I will be here for 18 months and while I am here, I want to share God’s love for the people. This MTC has really strengthened me and given me hope that I can do all things. I LOVE THIS GOSPEL AND I KNOW IT IS TRUE!


Sister Clark


Words I learned:

Hall = corridor

Bus is a two story and coach is one story

The British elder got so happy when I said trousers instead of pants. Killing it.


Days without rain: 0

(it rains 10 times within 10 minutes….completely ridiculous)


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