I know I say this every week, but WOW! what a crazy week! We were hardly in our area it felt like!


We had a meeting in Dumfries, but the only way to get there by 9 in the morning was by taking three different trains starting at 5:30 in the morning. Our train even took us to Carlisle which is technically outside our mission boundaries, so we just popped into England for a good 15 minutes hahah! Sister Westbroek and I kept joking that we were going rogue hence the subject line! Ended up getting a ride back to Galashiels from our Zone leaders, but sadly that was an hour and a half of constant rolling hills sitting in the back seat of a car, I’ve never been carsick before, and I never want to be again. That’s all I have to say about that. After that car ride, we had to ride ANOTHER train to Edinburgh for exchanges with our leaders!

At the train station at 5:20 something… 

IT WAS AMAZING! I loved being back in Edinburgh and talking to the wonderful people there! I learned a ton and something just clicked for me. I have a genuine love for everyone I meet, and I don’t need to be forcing the gospel into our conversation. Through being their friend and showing genuine concern and interest in them, it naturally comes out and they see how much you care about them and the message you’re sharing. That=success.


It is getting quite chilly, but EVERYONE is getting sick with colds! This week all of our appointments were dropping like flies because of a flu going around! Luckily sister Westbroek and I haven’t been hit with it… yet.


He is a funny old man that is the exact essence of a crazy “do whatever I want” Brit. Imagine the mad hatter, but old and British and that is Bill! He cracks us up with his awesome stories, and he loves taking out missionaries to get food. Apparently, he has lived in Africa for 40 years and Syria for 20. So yes, very interesting guy.


Our District decided to spend a day together and climb this giant hill to see all the Scotland borders, but boy, we got lost big time! Turns out, Scott’s view isn’t the giant hill we thought it was (the giant hill in the background of our pictures). So, we got lost a lot, and didn’t even end up hiking, but it was good fun, especially trying to get all the pictures!

My wonderful District: Elders Winn, Lawson, Barlow, and Allen, Sister Westbroek and I
This was just too good not to share… ENJOY!
I got called to the best mission in the world ❤

SISTER WESTBROEK TURNED 20 ON SUNDAY!!!! We had good fun that night with birthday celebrations and decorations! She has been the best trainer ever and is so humble and kind. I’m so lucky to have her! She also is just stinking hilarious…

God is real, and He loves you no matter what. There are legions of angels constantly watching over you, including your ancestors. You are never alone. We as missionaries pray every day and every hour for you. You are loved, just remember that 🙂

HAVE A BRILLIANT WEEK and enjoy general conference! (Just no spoilers please because I have to watch it recorded hehe dang European time)


Sister Clark


Days without rain: 1

New Words/ Phrases: que of people, not a line of people

MY FIRST DOUBLE DECKER BUS RIDE!!!! Front seat on top!

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