Chicago may be the Windy City, but Scotland is the Windy Country

Best. Mission. Ever.

Eildon Hills

Oh how lovely and oh how windy! If only I could send you all videos… it got a little intense with the wind. I hope you can sense the panic that is in our eyes because we almost got blown off the mountain a few times. But, oh what a lovely hike!! And yes, I did do a Rocky moment at the top and then almost got blown away when I jumped in the air. Scary! 

Eildon Hills 

Sister Westbroek and I literally sliding down the hills…IT WAS STEEP!

Testing out gravity with the wind

Zone Cluster

There is an Elder in my mission who is SO AMAZING! He is from Uganda and he has no hands! He told us about how he still works hard and tries to hold the Book of Mormon when he goes out working. And then his companion jumped in and said, “Oh no! He just throws it at somebody and asks them to look up a particular scripture because he has no hands!” and honestly, I was just blown away. Sometimes we think we have some weaknesses, but with the Lord, those “weaknesses” could really be our strengths. He shared the gospel in such a unique way that only Elder Cosmas could do. It really inspired me to find my way of teaching and sharing the Gospel in the way that only Sister Clark can. 

Scotland South Conference

All the missionaries in Glasgow and Edinburgh come together to meet and discuss and it was brilliant! They also gave us chili dogs and that is probably some of the food I miss the most. Just your classic BBQ night food. They don’t BBQ here!!! 

Chair Futbol

Sister Westbroek and I stayed in Edinburgh and we got to play chair futbol with a lot of other missionaries one morning. SO FUN! Essentially, you all have your own chair in a giant circle. You have to try and hit another person’s chair with the futbol and if someone gets yours, you sit down. But if you can grab the ball with your hands you can throw it at another persons chair and then get back in the game. Sister Westbroek was super excited because she has played soccer for 14 years! I think some of her talent rubbed off on me for a bit because we played three times and Sister Westbroek and I each won a game! We were super pumped and proud of ourselves for beating all the Elders hahah! 


Exchanges are when my companion and I split and go with another companionship for the day. So I was with Sister Curtis and we had such an awesome day! We met up with Sarah and her 16 month old daughter! We had to walk 30 minutes together to get to the church and Sweet little 16 month old Chloe just wanted to hold our hand while we were walking so my heart broke and I died happy for those sweet few minutes holding her hand! And then SARAH! WOAH! We asked her to read the Book of Mormon and she said she would and that she wanted to do it every night! And then she asked if she could come to church before we could even ask her! She is so sweet! 

 Dear sweet Ella (total Brit) wore her All American outfit to church!!!

I love my mission, I love my Savior Jesus Christ, and I love my Heavenly Father! This week more than any,  I have found out how much they truly care about each of us. When we have a sincere desire to change and become better, they rejoice! They want to help out in any way that they can! I was given so many wonderful opportunities this week to become better and I received miracle after miracle, whether it was finding some awesome people this week, or discovering something while I was studying the Book of Mormon and the Bible. 
Please don’t forget to pray. God is always there and he is ALWAYS wanting to help. Don’t be afraid to ask 🙂 
I love you all have the best week ever!!!

Sister Clark
Words/ Phrases I learned: a bun (food) is sometimes called a bap? 
Days without rain: 3 This past week has been lovely with the sun, but killer with the cold! AUTUMN IS HERE AND FULL SWING!


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