Because of the Hurricanes, or something like that in America (We don’t really hear of news on a mission, so I have no Idea what is going on in the world), we got some crazy storms on Thursday and Friday! It usually is just a light mist and sprinkle when It is raining here, but oh man! On Friday it seemed that we needed a canoe to get around! A lot of our things got ruined, my poor planner took a beating!

The wrath of the rain on some select items in my pockets and backpack.  
So many people when they answered the door and saw two drowned rats were so confused and told us we were daft hahaha!

Oops… my bad! The rain and Books don’t really blend

We just laughed and said we loved it! Because it’s true! I love going out in the rain! It shows people how much you really love the Gospel! When someone opens the door and says, “Why are you out in the pouring rain?” I get to tell them that I traveled thousands of miles away from home to come here in the pouring rain and share a special message with them. That is how important this message is! And boy, the Lord does give blessings in those times!

Crazy rain! All day every day!


On Friday, we went to a town about 40 minutes away and it was absolutely dumping! But we found a few people who wanted to meet with us as we knocked on their doors! Not only that, but this sweet worker at a cafe told us that she was really glad we came in. Apparently, we brightened her day with our sweet spirits! (You can bet we are going back to talk to her again!) And then an old lady sitting behind me saw me start to braid my hair really fast and she insisted that she would do it because it was so thick! Hahaha it was hilarious! The people here are quite charming and nice! Then later this night, back in our area, we found TWO MORE people who wanted to talk to us when we knocked on their door! We are lucky on a good day if we get two people! We had four this day!!! Hahaha so yes, I love the rain! I love the pouring of blessings as we drip on peoples’ door steps!



Oh, I love Tony! We watched half of a session of General Conference with Tony and two members of our branch and he LOVED it! He wanted to watch some more! I loved seeing how focused and interested he was while he was watching and then talking afterward about what he got from it! I love hearing everyone’s perspectives!



Kate has really been struggling with her Sclerosis this week and we went by and showed her some talks from conference and just testified of our love towards her and the Saviors love and it was one of the unique times when I could feel her start to hope! Such a tender moment ❤ And then there is Mark! Hahaha he’s really a character! He told Sister Westbroek and I that we would have an initiation on Monday night when we go over. I have no idea what that means but apparently all missionaries have to do it! Wish us luck…..



This week I have learned a lot about prayers. When we visited a member’s house, they told us how they prayed for sister missionaries to come back to Galashiels and the whole branch did. What happened a few weeks later? Sister Westbroek and I came to the area. It touched my heart to see how much they cared about us and I hear how much people pray for missionaries (specific or in general) and I wish I could tell you the power that comes from that. We feel your prayers. We really do. God hears your prayers and he really cares. He listens intently seeking for a way to help. So, thank you SO MUCH for your prayers. They mean the world and I honestly feel it is how we get so much success in our lives.


Thank you to those who took my challenge last week and smiled at someone! I loved hearing back about the wonderful miracles that came from it!!


Keep praying and have a wonderful week!


Sister Clark


Days without rain: 2


Phrases I’ve learned:

Car park, not parking lot

Lead instead of a leash for a dog

if you blether on it means you talk too much…

my first scotch pie… oh my gosh. Imagine a Sunday night roast with gravy and the best roll all into one thing. Ya, that’s what it is. Divine.
This describes the area we work in very well!


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